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DL Connection Kit for Galaxy S8+

DL Connection Kit for Galaxy S8+

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This case is for the Samsung Galaxy S8+. Before adding to your cart, please be sure to confirm you phone version.

Dermlite cases provide the fastest, most elegant and most secure method of attaching MagnetiConnect-compatible dermatoscopes to an iPhone, iPad, or other device.

Please note that all MagnetiConnect adapters (such as cases) only work with Dermlite's MagnetiConnect-compatible devices - including the DL1, DL200 HR, DL200 Hybrid, DL3N, Handyscope, Dermlite GL, DL4, DL4W, and DL5. Unfortunately, the DL100, Carbon, and Lumio S are not MagnetiConnect compatible and therefore cannot be used with MagnetiConnect cases, MCC, or the Universal Adapter.