Which  MagnetiConnect Camera Adapter Do You Need?

Which MagnetiConnect Camera Adapter Do You Need?

Nowadays, most taking dermoscopy photos will do so using their smartphone. However, for those seeking the highest degree of detail within each photo, using a standalone digital camera may be the better choice. 


The challenge, though, is that whereas most iPhones have ready-built MagnetiConnect cases available, the options are a little different for cameras. Instead, Dermlite MagnetiConnect camera lens adapter rings are sized based on the specific thread diameter of the lens.


So the question is, “Which diameter of MagnetiConnect adapter does your camera need?”

Look Under The Cap

By far, the easiest way to know would be to just look on the inside of the lens cap. The size of the lens cap is often stamped on the inside. So if you see a “⌀” followed by a number listed in millimeters, then that's the size of MagnetiConnect adapter ring you'll need to connect your Dermlite dermatoscope to your camera.

The lens thread size is found on the inside of the cap

Not only is the size of your lens cap indicative of which MagnetiConnect adapter you need, but that same size is also indicative of which lens filters are compatible with your camera lens.


So that brings up the second method to consider…

Determine Which Filters Fit Your Lens

Determining which filter thread size your camera lens uses will also tell you the diameter you’d need to look for when shopping for a MagnetiConnect camera adapter.


Not sure?


An easy way to find out would be to head over to Amazon and search for “filters for [camera/lens]” (without quotes).


For example:

Searching filter size on Amazon will tell you the Dermlite camera adapter size

In the results, you'll see the thread size listed on the compatible filters. It's that same thread size which represents the diameter of MagnetiConnect ring you need to purchase.

Look At The Lens

When all else fails, try looking on the lens itself. On your camera lens (often on the outer inner rim), you’ll see the diameter symbol (Ø) followed by a number. 

The camera lens thread size is often printed on the lens and will tell you the MagnetiConnect ring size you need

Although the “diameter” you find printed on the lens will most likely represent the thread size needed for your MagnetiConnect adapter, this method can get a little tricky, depending on how many details are written on your camera lens. So in general, using either of the first two methods we’ve mentioned is the “safer” method of determining which MagnetiConnect adapter will be compatible with your camera.

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