Note: Please contact us directly (or Dermlite) before sending in your faulty product, as many problems can be fixed over the phone. Also consult Dermlite's Care instructions for a possible solution to your issue.

Common Problems

No Light
Replace or recharge the battery according to the model and check again.

Weak light
Replace the battery with a new battery; you have approximately 30 minutes of battery life remaining before the unit will not function.

Light Flickers
Remove the battery and check the metal contacts for dirt, dust or damage. Wipe off any dust and reinsert the battery. If there are signs of corrosion, discard the battery and replace it with a new battery. Should you still encounter flickering, please contact your local DermLite dealer.

LED Fails
The LEDs used in the DermLite are designed to last over 100,000 hours. If any of the LEDs fail please contact your local DermLite reseller for repair.


For any technical questions please feel free to contact us.


Should your DermLite require repair, please first contact us at, or contact Dermlite with an explanation of the problem. Should this be a warranty issue, Dermlite will repair your device free of charge.

Repairs outside of the warranty will be quoted for and in some instances it may be beneficial to consider our trade in offer as a more cost effective solution.