iPledge Patient Education Handouts

Below are a few handouts that I've created help ease the complicated iPledge process. Honestly, these help our nursing staff just as much as they do the patients themselves. If you've ever had a new hire (or even an experienced nurse) "forget" a step or two, you know how much of a headache it can be for everyone involved:

iPledge Process (Males/NRP)
iPledge Process (Females)
Zip File (w/ Editable Word Docs)

The goal is to provide the handout to patients (or their families) the moment the decision is made to prescribe Isotretinoin. Notice how in the handouts it walks them through both the initial and ongoing requirements.

Again, let your staff know that this list of steps not only helps the patients, but it also becomes like a "cheat sheet" for us! ;) 

Of course, some variation in office policy may occur, such as with descriptions of laboratory monitoring. For this reason, the Word versions are available in the "zip" file so that they can be edited.

Hope they help!


Timothy August, MPAS, PA-C
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