Dermatoscope charging cable options

Which Charging Cable Does Your Dermatoscope Really Need?

Did you know that the USB cable and adapter you already use for charging your smartphone can also be used to charge your Dermlite dermatoscope?

Although new dermatoscopes generally include a charging cable (and we do offer replacement Dermlite brand USB charging cables), those aren't your only options.

USB charging cables for phones also work for dermatoscopes

This is important to know because if you find yourself with an urgent need to replace your charging cable (or adapter), odds are that you can find what you need at your local Walmart, Target or grocery story.

The Main Requirement - Connector Type

If anything, the main requirement is the connector itself. The two connector types used for charging Dermlite dermatoscopes are the “USB-Micro” and the “USB-C” connectors. 

As long as the cable you purchase locally has the correct connector (and is a quality USB cable which meets industry standards), then it should work. 

In fact, many of you already have the necessary cable and adapter for charging your other devices. For example, the same USB-C cable that you may be using to charge your iPhone or iPad can also be used to charge your Dermlite DL5 (or any other dermatoscope which charges via a USB-C adapter). 

This isn't to discourage you from ordering from our site - we're happy to sell them! But we just hate to see customers experience undue stress, ordering a new charging cable online, waiting for days for it to arrive, when the fact is that they really could have just gone down the street and found that they needed. 

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