iPhone 8 Plus

Available options for connecting an iPhone 8 Plus:

MagnetiConnect Clamp (MCC)
Universal Smartphone Adapter

Take photos with your Dermlite dermatoscope and an iPhone 8 Plus

As seen in the image above, there are 3 components necessary to take pictures (or video) with your Dermlite dermatoscope. They include:

  • MagnetiConnect-compatible Dermlite dermatoscope, plus...
  • A device-specific MagnetiConnect case (aka "Connection Kit") OR the MagnetiConnect Clamp OR the Universal Smartphone Adapter, plus...
  • Camera, smartphone, or tablet

It's important to note that the device-specific MagnetiConnect cases are not available for all devices.

If you do not see a device-specific case listed as being available for your model of iPhone (or iPad), then your connection options will be limited to either one of the MagnetiConnect Clamps or the Universal Smartphone Adapter (smartphones only - not for use on tablets).