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DL Connection Kit for iPhone 13 Series

DL Connection Kit for iPhone 13 Series

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This case is for the iPhone 13 Series. Before adding to your cart, please be sure to confirm which version of iPhone 13 case you need (e.g., Pro, Pro Max, Mini, etc.).

Dermlite cases provide the fastest, most elegant and most secure method of attaching MagnetiConnect-compatible dermatoscopes to an iPhone, iPad, or other device.

Please note that all MagnetiConnect adapters (such as cases) only work with Dermlite's MagnetiConnect-compatible devices - including the DL1, DL200 HR, DL200 Hybrid, DL3N, Handyscope, Dermlite GL, DL4, DL4W, and DL5. Unfortunately, the DL100, Carbon, and Lumio S are not MagnetiConnect compatible and therefore cannot be used with MagnetiConnect cases, MCC, or the Universal Adapter.