Size comparison between Dermlite DL5 and Dermlite DL4

Is the Dermlite DL5 "too" big?

Without a doubt, the overwhelming consensus among buyers of the Dermlite DL5 is that it's a great dermatoscope, with many of our customers insisting "it's the best they've ever owned." 

It's certainly the most technologically advanced dermatoscope on the market, offering users the option of scrolling through the full range of polarization, as well as providing a UV light mode.

So what's to criticize about the DL5?

To put it bluntly, for some it's just too big and heavy. For those of you whose colleagues may have purchased one, you've likely had the opportunity to hold it in your hand. Likewise, at conferences like the AAD or American Dermoscopy, you may have had the chance to visit the Dermlite booth and test it out yourself.

But for those who haven't yet had this opportunity, I wanted to share this side-by-side comparison with the Dermlite DL4, since it's the most comparable alternative. 

In fact, in the handful of cases in which we've received a returned DL5 (for the reason of it being too large/heavy), nearly every time those same customers opt to purchase (or stick with) the Dermlite DL4.

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Hopefully this simple "360 spin" helps some of you who haven't yet had a chance to hold the new Dermlite DL5 in your hands. Again, for most dermatologists and others who have purchased one, the size and weight is not an issue. But if your preferences for a dermatoscope lean towards "small and compact," it's just something to consider before you "take the plunge" on buying a DL5.

As always, any questions, just let me know!

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