Dermlite's orange PigmentBoost™ illumination has been designed to enhance visualization of pigmented structures within skin lesions. Below comparison shows the visual appearance using various imaging modalities available in DermLite DL3N and DL4, and DL5.

In the image depicting a melanoma, note the enhanced appearance of the structures within the circle.

    • White CNP: White light only, with skin Contact, non-Polarized
    • White CP: White light only, with skin Contact, cross-Polarized
    • Orange CNP: White & orange light, with skin Contact, non-Polarized
    • Orange CP: White & orange light, with skin Contact, Polarized

3Gen DemLite Dermascopy
3Gen DemLite Dermascopy Skincare

Image credit: Harold Rabinovitz, M.D; Plantation, FL