Artificial Intelligence and dermatoscopes

Can AI Help Us Choose a Dermatoscope?

I thought I'd record myself testing out one of the new "AI" tools.

This one is not ChatGPT. Instead, it's another one which apparently uses ChatGPT as the basis, but then also includes information post-2021.

Some of you have probably heard that ChatGPT uses (as its knowledge-base) online information up to the year 2021. But then after 2021, there's a limited amount of knowledge. So this one kind of combines the two.

Testing artificial intelligence knowledge of Dermlite dermatoscopes

So in this test of what "artificial intelligence" can do for us, I'm asking it to “Compare the Dermlite DL5 to the Dermlite DL4.”  

Artificial Intelligence Didn't Do So Well

AI was not accurate for dermatoscope specifications

To see the results, watch the video

This was just for fun and overall I'm impressed with AI's abilities.

But when it comes to accurately comparing the specifications of the DL5 to the DL4, it just didn't fare so well.

In the future I do look forward to seeing how artificial intelligence can really help dermatology.

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